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The latter is effectively what rivals would refer to as digital anti-shake, as, activated in high ISO auto mode, it boosts ISO to a level (between ISO 80-800) it considers will compensate without hopefully introducing too much noise. Long-time Canon fans will note that the SX200’s quick-access interface has a slightly different look than Canon sidebar menus of the past. For a listing of specs and features, you can find our full specifications sheet for this model at the bottom of the page. That changed in 2009: now you don’t get a bundled card, or even any built-in memory. But while the SX200 certainly checks all of the boxes, only a full appraisal of some very strong competition from the likes of not only Panasonic, but also Olympus, Nikon, Kodak, and Samsung, will tell if the SX200 is able to eke out a leading position in this competitive field. Inside the lab, testing takes place in standardized circumstances. An environment in which cameras, both compact and system concepts can be compared without a problem. CameraWindow in Mac OS X Canon includes version 46.0 (!!) of their Digital Camera Solution software suite with the camera. Now you can use the non sticking end to release the flash much faster, if you need it. [Inventors comment: Try to ask Canon if there is some nice spellotape available with nice motives on it] Enable full HD (1080p) video capturing. While most of the same options are there, it’s more visually dressed up for starters; helpful guides also provide single-sentence explanations for each menu option and setting, offering clear, succinct explanations for advanced controls like metering and sensitivity.

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Upon the arrival of a Canon PowerShot SX200IS test sample, it is tested in our DIWA Lab. Besides that, the Canon SX200IS compact camera is extensively used in practice and evaluated as for operation and shooting in practice. Like all Canon PowerShots, the SX200 packs an exhaustive list of My Color processing modes, including settings for shifting skin tones, mimicking positive film, and even a custom mode that lets you set saturation, contrast, and sharpening manually. Fast and responsive, Smart Auto has the added benefit of using a series of icons to communicate which preset it’s using, making it easy to override its choice via the camera’s program or scene modes if you’re unhappy. The PowerShot SX200 IS is what you’ll want in your pocket.

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Инструкция к фотоаппарату canon powershot sx200 is

Similar to Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto, Smart Auto Mode automatically determines the subject’s brightness, contrast, distance and overall hue, then selects the best scene setting from 18 possible modes, which is more than most competitors. Indeed, the live histogram proved to be a shot-saver more than once with this camera, and even then the final results weren’t always spot on. Canon SX200 IS signal/noise ratio 12 Megapixels on a compact camera virtually guarantees a one-way ticket into the danger zone when it comes to the signal/noise ratio. When it comes to the dynamic range, Canon is in control, also at high ISO values. There’s also an auto adjustment option for those who want a quick fix. The design is dominated by the large 12x lens on the front and the large 3 inch LCD screen on the rear. Like clockwork, the SX200 reels in vibrant, borderline-oversaturated images that generally look great with minimal post-processing. While using the SX200’s Stitch Assist feature isn’t required to make panoramas, it does help you line things up correctly, so there are no seams in the final product.

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Available in three colors—black, blue, and red—its style is a definite improvement over Canon’s previous pocket zooms, the SX100 IS and SX110 IS. Despite having a longer and wider lens than those models, the SX200 IS is more pocketable. It’s not necessarily lightweight, though. The Canon PowerShot SX200 IS’ lens is significantly bigger though — it extends by 3.75cms even when set to wide-angle, reaching nearly 6cms at maximum telephoto, making it a bit more conspicuous in a crowd. Editing functions include trimming, redeye removal, and the ability to adjust levels, color, brightness, sharpness, and the tone curve. After you’ll need to trim video, of course. It works if you don’t change of subject, on subject changes the cam don’t refocus: the cam lacks of AF in video mode. No consumer Please help us improve our service by completing a short survey based on your experience of the Canon Support website. The biggest of these being the motorized flash, which automatically rises from the top left of the chassis and can’t be retracted. When working with the lens of the SX200IS camera, blur towards the edges is clearly more visible than when working with that of the TZ7, and in particular telephoto mode shows large differences. The remaining focal lengths also show signs of chromatic aberration. Manual white balance is more than capable of filtering incandescent light effectively. If you want to benefit fully when it comes to the white balance of the Canon SX200IS, you may want to use the manual one.

You can instantly scroll through the images that you have taken, view up to 100 thumbnails, zoom in and out up to 10x magnification and filter images by date, category. folder and file type. Wide Angle Telephoto In the same vein, the SX200 struggled at times to keep chromatic aberration/color fringing under control, especially in high-contrast areas toward the outside edges of the frame. And from all these tests, it turns out that the lens of the Canon SX200IS suffers rather strongly from chromatic aberration. In particular the center and, slightly less, the edges of wide angle suffer from this phenomenon. View Statistics: Past 24 Hours: 5 Past 7 Days: 40 Past 30 Days: 221 All Time: 11,963. Canon Feature confirmed. quick failsafe workaround: use finger to carefully push the popup flash back into retracted position (works easily when pushing at an angle). Original firmware then suppresses flash. alternatively simply keep a finger on the flash before switching camera on. But (quirk number three) the left side of the pad comes so close to the raised edge of the LCD that it prevents larger thumbs from easily pressing that side of the pad or smoothly completing a revolution of the wheel. Memory Card Support In addition to SD, SDHC and MMC memory cards, the PowerShot SX200 IS supports MMCplus and HC MMCplus card formats. This battery packs 4.1 Wh of energy, which is about average. The above sample video, shot mostly through the window of a local coffee shop, shows the SX200 to be relatively adept in responding to significant changes in ambient light. Both of these modes use Canon’s Scene Detection Technology to analyse the shooting scene in detail – checking subject brightness, contrast, distance and overall hue – then select optimum settings accordingly.

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