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The Historical Society of Pennsylvania thought so little of the paper it neither catalogued nor kept a copy of it. Edward Bishop Dudley was the first governor elected by the people. Research aimed both at increasing production of fin and shellfish and in processing and marketing the catch is laying the foundation for greatly ex- panded production in years ahead. The State Board of Education shall succeed to all the powers and trusts of the Presi- dent and Directors of The Literary Fund of North Carolina and the State Board of Education as heretofore constituted. Sec. 3. Counties to he divided into districts. Sec. 29. Recurrence to fundamental principles. A frequent re- currence to fundamental principles is absolutely necessary to pre- serve the blessings of liberty. One member at large shall be appointed for a period of four years and one member at large shall be appointed for a period of eight years. Between 1812 and 1865, however, the population decreased so much in proportion to the population of other states of the Union that North Carolina was by that time entitled only to seven representatives. The State has direct jurisdction over more mileage than has any other road governing body in the nation. In terms of size and population, no other state exceeds North Carolina in the extent of road services provided for its people.

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Sec. 11. Private hues in relation to names of persons, etc. Those present in uniform should render the military salute. During the physical or mental incapacity of the President of the Senate to perform the duties of his office, or during the absence of the President of the Senate, the President Pro Tempore shall pre- side over the Senate. However, civilians will always show full respect to the flag when the pledge is given by merely standing at attention. men removing the headdress.

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The General Assembly shall have power to pass general laws regulating divorce ■ind alimony, but shall not have power to grant a divorce or secure alimony in any individual case. The whole height is 9TY2 feet in the center. The galleries will ac- commodate 68 2 persons. Crepe streamers may be affixed to spear heads or flagstaffs in a parade only by order of the President of the United States. (n) When the flag is used to cover a casket, it should be so placed that the union is at the head and over the left shoulder. There have been at various times nine different seals in use in the colony and State. Seventy-five of the known 300 minerals and rocks in North Carolina have commercial value. Sec. 29. Limitations upon power of General Assembly to enact private or special legislation. The State 11 The Community Planning Division assisted 7 5 municipalities and 14 counties witli services including base maps, land use surveys, population and economy trend studies, and planning for thoroughfares, central business districts, parks and other com- munity projects.

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Rotating top- and bottom-mounted quad-laser turrets, a radar dish that rotates and can be elevated, and a boarding ramp that can be extended are just some of the cool features included in this model. Possibly the Cardinal raises an extra brood down here to make up the difference, or possibly he can keep up his normal population more easily here through not having to face inclement winters of the colder North. A conspicuous bird faces more hazards. The further order of succession as Acting Governor shall be prescribed by law. For lighting, motors, and other electrical equipment, the building has a connected service load of over 2,000,000 watts. 24 NoKiii C’Aiidi.i.N A Mam Ai, CHIEF EXECUTIVES OF NORTH CAROLINA Governors of «Virginia» Ralph Lane, April . 1585-June , 1586. Jdhn White. And should a majority of the votes cast be in favor of said convention, it shall assemble on such day as may be prescribed by the General Assembly. Described as the «Dixie Dynamo», North Carolina is setting the pace in the South in conservation and development of its natural resources. Sec. 18. Revenues and expenses of the judicial department.

Any appointments to fill vacan- cies shall be made by the Governor for the unexpired term, which appointments shall not be subject to confirmation. Seal of the United States, and a number of coins and several items of paper currency in the early days of the Republic. The return shall be canvassed and the result declared in such manner as may be prescribed by law. Constitution 69 Removal of the Governor from office for any other cause shall be by impeachment. The General Assembly shall provide for the establishment of a schedule of court fees and costs which shall be uniform throughout the State within each division of the General Court of Justice. Sec. 17. Department of Agriculture, Immigration and Statistics.

Sec. 7. Reports from officers of the Executive Department and of public institutions. The building had been erected with rigorous economy, and it was an object of great pride to the people. Although acreages planted to many of the crops have been trending downward due primarily to smaller acreage allotments, farmers in the State are generally producing more efficiently than in earlier years, with the result that total agricultural income has continued to increase. Property belonging to the State, counties and municipal corporations shall be exempt from taxation. The skylights which provide natural lighting are located within the roof gardens overhead. The five pyramidal roofs covering the Senate and House chambers, the auditorium, the main stair, and the rotunda are sheathed with copper, as is the Capitol. The General Assembly shall have no power to deprive Constitution 61 the judicial department of any power or jurisdiction which right- fully pertains to it as a co-ordinate department of the government, nor shall it establish or authorize any courts other than as per- mitted by this Article.

The enclosed area consists of 206,000 square feet of floor area with a volume of 3,210,000 cubic feet. Judgment upon conviction shall not extend beyond removal from and disqualifica- tion to hold office in this State, but the party shall be liable to indictment and punishment according to law. The State Super- intendent of Public Instruction shall be the administrative head of the public school system and shall be secretary of the Board. Constitution 49 good, to instruct their representatives, and to apply to the Legis- lature for redress of grievances. Many preventive services are rendered by the modern Laboratory Division and by both the consultant staff of the State Board and by the staffs of the local health departments. Public school enrollment in 1961-62 was 1,141,574. There were 41,867 teachers and 2,207 principals and supervisors and 173 superintend- ents. This enumeration of rights shall not be construed to impair or deny others retained by the people; and all powers not herein delegated remain with the people. ARTICLE II LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT Section 1. Tivo branches. You can seat a crew of four mini-figures at the controls in the removable cockpit. Later, you’ll want to stage an attack on the dangerous Death Star. The Lieutenant-Governor shall become Governor upon the death, resignation, or removal from office of the Governor.

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