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Previously, the system was named TCS and included the traction control and brake assist, but not stability control. Если полученный результат больше единицы, то класс вредности условий труда устанавливают по кратности превышения единицы по той строке табл.1, которая соответствует характеру биологического действия веществ, составляющих комбинацию, либо по первой строке этой же таблицы.Примечание. The revised exhaust manifold actually became part of the cylinder head casting itself. This change bumped the car to a higher weight class for United States Environmental Protection Agency mileage testing. Home > Nuclear Reactors > Operating Reactors > Operational Experience > Fire Protection Program > Post-Fire Operator Manual Actions > Related Documents This page includes links to files in non-HTML format. Accord Hybrids from model year 2006 and up can be identified by the amber rear turn signals whereas their fully gasoline counterparts have red rear turn signals. Rule 3012(a)(2) Rule 3012(a)(2) requires that a member’s written supervisory control policies and procedures also include procedures to supervise certain enumerated activities. See Plugins, Viewers, and Other Tools for more information. Постоянный шум — шум, уровень звука которого в течение смены изменяется во времени не более чем на 5 дБА при 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 <<< Главная страница Новости партнеров Счетчики Популярное в сети Реклама Разное.

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The 4-cylinder engine could be mated to a 5-speed manual transmission or to a 5-speed automatic transmission with overdrive (also new for 2003). A specific 4-cylinder model was the first production car in the world to meet California’s Super Ultra Low Emissions standards. Руководство по гигиенической оценке факторов рабочей среды и трудового процесса. However, the marketplace did not embrace the Accord Hybrid, and the vehicle was discontinued after the 2007 model year. The 2005 Hybrids also had a different storage door from other Accords, which disappeared on the 2006 version. Because of the lower viscosity, engine parts move with less friction, which increases fuel economy. Фактические условия труда в этих профессиях оценивают в соответствии с настоящим руководством.Примечание. The inexpensive no-frills Accord was no longer offered, with the DX trim being eliminated. Литература Подборка книг по CSS (никак не упорядочена). Не то чтобы я большинство из них читал. The 2006 model year also featured new wheel designs, with 17″ wheels being standard on V6 models. Prior to 2003, it was only available on the higher end Acura line and the Honda Odyssey. In 2004 Honda also first offered XM Satellite Radio as a factory installed option.

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Тяжесть труда — характеристика трудового процесса, отражающая преимущественную нагрузку на опорно-двигательный аппарат и функциональные системы организма (сердечно-сосудистую, дыхательную и др.), обеспечивающие его деятельность. The 2006 Accord Hybrid got the same revisions as the other Accords, although its engine and battery power was identically powerful to the 2005, the 2006 rating system re-rated it at 253 bhp (189 kW), and a larger battery pack was added. Примечание. Гигиенические нормативы обоснованы с учетом 8- часовой рабочей смены. The recall was estimated to cover 1,512,107 vehicles.[19] Recall 14v-351 was initiated on June 19, 2014 for many Hondas involved in the Takata airbag recall.[20] References[edit] External links[edit]. The member should next compare the answers that result from the analysis conducted above to its current supervisory procedures and use that comparison to determine if any gaps or deficiencies in those procedures are evident. Please help to create a more balanced presentation. Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), traction control, and Brake assist became available on the V6 models for the first time. How will the member assure compliance with those requirements? The 2006 model year was also the first year in which the V6 sedan was offered with a 6-speed manual transmission from the coupe as an option. Превышение указанного уровня может привести к острому, в т.ч. и смертельному, отравлению.

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With the V6 engine and automatic transmission, the Accord achieved a 21mpg city/30 hwy fuel economy rating. The 4-cylinder Accords were now controlled with Drive-By-Wire (DBW), rather than a throttle cable, providing for smooth operation and enhanced throttle response; V6 Accords already used DBW prior to the 2006 model year. Will the member’s internal business policies further restrict conduct? При этом работа должна проводиться в соответствующих средствах индивидуальной защиты и при соблюдении режимов, регламентированных для таких работ. However, FDA is opening a docket on the PDMA Q & A for interested persons to submit comments and questions. FDA intends to review the comments and questions and to revise the PDMA Q & A when appropriate. Lastly, a sunroof was not available on the 2005 but was standard on the 2006. The trim levels were also revised. Main article: Honda Accord See also: Honda Inspire In the U.S., the seventh generation North American Honda Accord is a mid-size car that was available from 2002 to 2007 in both coupe and sedan styles. Have laws or rules changed in a manner that renders existing procedures inaccurate, obsolete, or incomplete? Оптимальные условия труда (1 класс) — условия, при которых сохраняется здоровье работника и создаются предпосылки для поддержания высокого уровня работоспособности. Гигиенические нормативы обоснованы с учетом 8-часовой рабочей смены. The 2003 model year also debuted Honda’s GPS assisted Navigation system as an option for the Accord.

Chassis/exterior changes included Factory Performance suspension (shock absorbers, springs) underbody aero kit, 17-inch alloy wheels, 215/50VR-17 high-performance tires, and a rear wing spoiler. The member should then analyze the requirements of those applicable laws, regulations, and NASD rules by asking, «what questions do the requirements raise that must be answered?» For example, what conduct is prohibited, compelled, limited, or conditioned? The 6-cylinder models had the same J-series V6 as the sixth generation’s, but revisions to the intake and exhaust systems contributed to a 40 hp increase, bringing the total power to 240 hp. Features that differentiate the Hybrid from other Accords are the different rear light clusters, the antenna, the wheels, the mirror turn signals and the lack of a folding rear seat. In addition, the Hybrid version lacks a 4-way passenger seat. Соблюдение гигиенических нормативов не исключает нарушение состояния здоровья у лиц с повышенной чувствительностью. Оптимальные нормативы факторов рабочей среды установлены для микроклиматических параметров и факторов трудовой нагрузки.

The hybrid version of the V6 produced 255 hp, an increase of 15 hp, making the hybrid quicker than the regular Accord V6 sedan, but still not as quick as the Accord Coupe V6 with 6 speed manual. Together with other improvements, this change effected an increase from the previous generation’s (with VTEC 4-cylinder F23A1 engine and the manual transmission) 22mpg city/29 hwy rating, to 23mpg city/31 hwy, according to 2008 EPA ratings. Оптимальные нормативы факторов рабочей среды установлены для микроклиматических параметров и факторов трудовой нагрузки. Руководство Р 2.2.2006-05 «Руководство по гигиенической оценке факторов рабочей среды и трудового процесса. Ссылки на вторичные ресурсы Список ссылок на сайты, где есть ссылки на другие ресурсы по теме (Что делает этот список третичным ресурсом… ) Слайды всех общедоступных презентаций авторства W3C staff можно найти на сайте W3C Talks. Facelift Honda Accord VTi sedan (Australia) Facelift Honda Accord EX-L V6 (US) The interior was also slightly redesigned with changes such as a new steering wheel cover, differently colored gauges and a differently styled shift knob for automatic transmission models. Для других факторов за оптимальные условно принимают такие условия труда, при которых вредные факторы отсутствуют либо не превышают уровни, принятые в качестве безопасных для населения. При этом работа должна проводиться в соответствующих средствах индивидуальной защиты и при соблюдении режимов, регламентированных для таких работ.Примечание.

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