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Reissued – revised information on cause of possible interruption. CAS deadlines Action underway: 25 July 2013, action complete: 12 August 2013 Note: These deadlines are for systems to be in place to take actions. Информация о продукте Philips Allura Xper FD20/10 *Обратите внимание, что список оборудования доступного для приобретения в вашей стране может отличаться от указанного на сайте. Problem Risk of interruption in treatment/procedure due to an inability to move the table as the motorised geometry control system will reboot if users attempt simultaneous powered and manual movement of the C-arm. The reboot will take approximately 90 seconds during which time the table top is free floating. Motorised movements (height, tilt, and cradle) are not possible. Note: The class does not cover the 8.2 UNIQ release which is a completely redesigned platform with new detector, generator, etc… To attend this course, the service professional must have completed RSTI’s Phases I-III or equivalent experience is required. The Philips Allura FD Digital Cath Lab Family course is a skills development course designed to provide the experienced service professional with the skills necessary to fully service and calibrate this single/dual detector cath lab system. Calibrations are accessed through the Field Service Framework platform.

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Device Biplane cardiovascular X-ray system: Allura Xper FD10/10 Floor Mounted. Motorised movements (height, tilt, and cradle) are not possible during this restart period. The FD20 and FD10 utilize the Velara Generator which is common in other Philips X-ray rooms. Allura 3D-RA R6 (August 2009) This Conformance Statement is applicable for the following products: Allura 3D-RA R6, 3D Roadmap R2, MultiModality Roadmap R1, Allura XperCT R2, Allura XperGuide R2, StentBoost R2 and R3, Allura 3D-CA R3, CTTrueView R2, and CTO Navigator. The movement affected is the Beam Swing only (movement D in image below). During the restart the table top is free floating, allowing it to be moved manually in a transverse as well as a longitudinal direction.

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Independent healthcare providers and social care providers can sign up to receive MDAs directly from the Department of Health’s Central Alerting System (CAS) by sending an email to: and requesting this facility. Manufacturer Philips Customer Care Service Centre Philips Healthcare Philips Centre Guildford Business Park Guildford GU2 8XH Tel: 0870 532 9741 Email: Feedback If you have any comments or feedback on this Medical Device Alert please email us at:. Student must bring a service PC (with admin privileges) to the class.

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